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by Anon at 2:53 PM
(127 Views / 5 Likes)

The new update is live, note that this update is still being worked on, thus, thing's may be added at a later date.

(+) Threads now auto update, replies are now shown instantly without having to refresh.
(+) Featured resources are back, you can see this weeks featured resource on the resource tab.
(+) Added Halloween theme. http://mcleaks.us/misc/style (Temporary | WIP)
(+) You can now click the logo to go back to the /forum page.
(+) The credit system has been added, you can find out below what they can be used for.

Credit Shop [To redeem, pm @Anon]:
  • - Sticky Thread (1 Week): 150 Credits
  • - VIP: 200 Credits
  • - Username Change (Once per month): 100 Credits
  • - Name Colors (Orange, Purple, Pink and Cyan) : 150 Credits
  • - (Prices may be changed at any time)
Credits are earned by:
  • - New thread ($1)
  • - New post ($0.30)
  • - New follower ($2.0)...
by Anon at 1:24 PM
(211 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey all,

As many of you have suggested, we are going to be making a MCLeaks server.

The question is, what do you want this server to be? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.​
by Anon at 6:55 PM
(222 Views / 1 Likes)
Over the last month, this forum has been growing incredibly fast, and I'm not really sure what I should do next.

I'm looking from suggestions from the community.

What should we add / do to MCLeaks?

Let me know in this threads comments.
by Anon at 12:39 PM
(161 Views / 0 Likes)
We have successfully moved the web server, here's a change log:

Changed the default theme, more colors of the current theme will be enabled soon.
Added limited https (Will be full and forced soon)
Dark version of this theme to be complete soon..

Do you like the new theme? Or do you like the old one better?
by Anon at 1:42 AM
(244 Views / 11 Likes)

We recently hit a huge milestone of 1000 members.
(1,253 now actually ;))

To celebrate this we will be giving out 3 VIP ranks in a giveaway.
To enter the giveaway simply like this post.

We have also teamed up with HeroicHosting who will be helping us host the site.
HeroicHosting are specialist in TeamSpeak 3 and Dedicated Server hosting.
We have got a nice deal with them, for every member that purchases a TeamSpeak server from HH, you will receive a 100% free VIP rank.

More updates to the site will be rolling out over the next few days, I have been super busy.
Once again, thank you for all the support!​
by Anon at 7:18 PM
(177 Views / 2 Likes)

We are finally back online after moving servers, the forums should now be a lot more stable. If you see any errors please PM me.

Some public changes:

Added post ratings (Will be available to users soon).
Staff members now have colored usernames.

With moving servers we are now paying a higher monthly fee, due to this I have setup the VIP rank, in no way are we forcing you to purchase this, we have simply added this to help the costs of the site.

VIP Perks:

No longer required to "like" posts in order to download resources.
Custom user title.
Lock your own threads.
Access to private "Donation Forum".
Access to private Donator only leaks.
VIP Banner
Access /giphy in shoutbox.
Access to upload a profile cover.
by Anon at 2:22 AM
(326 Views / 0 Likes)

Today I bring you some updates, although before that I would like to clear a few things up.

Users may not steal leaks from BSMC and re-upload them here as jango, the original owner, had a deal with them.

We have been working hard on pushing out some updates, please take some time to read over the change log.

Added "VIP" rank

You can obtain rewards by inviting others to the site (more to come on this soon)

ChatBox - You can now chat with our other members in real time (http://mcleaks.us/chat/)

Website Recource - You can now leak websites (http://mcleaks.us/resources/categories/websites.5/)

Website Forum - You can now discuss leaking websites (http://mcleaks.us/forums/websites.46/)

Minecraft Paste Tool - You can now paste your minecraft account dumps and link them to your thread (http://mcleaks.us/paste)

Clients Forum - You can now leak clients (http://mcleaks.us/resources/categories/clients.6/)
by Anon at 10:37 PM
(164 Views / 0 Likes)

This may be a bit of a surprise to you, but myself and @SS are the new owners of MCLeaks, @jango left the team due to him being quite busy in life, I'm sure he will be around in the community.

With this change I'd like to clear a few things up, first off being no current staff members, donators or users will lose their current rank. The site will also stay as is, it just means a whole load of new leaks.

You may have noticed I have re-enabled the resource area, I will be making a few changes to the addon stop all the issues it had before.(Leechers, ect). Can't wait to get to talk to you guys, cya later.
by jango at 5:18 PM
(265 Views / 2 Likes)

This update came a bit faster than anticipated by many of you. As having this "resources" section, I figured that this would be a push towards organizing content posted on our forum. Some of you may have realized that you can no longer create threads in the 'Plugins' forum, even though you could create threads in its subforums. This is due to the new 'Resources' section and will be discussed below.

Rather than completely disabling the 'Plugins' forum, I've set it to where when you upload a resource in the resources section, it will automatically create a thread in the corresponding forum which already exist. While you cannot create new threads in the Plugins forum, you can certainly download existing ones and reply to existing threads.

Leakers: While I'm not forcing you, I'd highly recommend transferring your resources over to the resources section as it'll maintain consistency.
Leechers: I expect you to be liking the resources that are uploaded in the...
by jango at 7:05 PM
(349 Views / 2 Likes)

We've implemented a few things today, analogous to what we already feature.

Badges: These will replace some of the banners on a user's profile, and if you have not already noticed, they look like this:

They are not very hard to earn, and we have loads of them ready to be handed out, depending on whether or not the user has achieved it. In the example above, the red badge signifies that the user is a "Leak Master", and this can be seen by hovering your mouse over the badge.

You can get badges by donating, and/or by contributing through leaking resources. I figured this could be something given in return to the people that contribute and help us make our forum what it is!

Donations: I've mentioned in this thread that we've opened up donations earlier than I had expected to. The site is...