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by Anon at 2:20 AM
(649 Views / 8 Likes)
Hi all,

As part of our revamp (Posted here) MCLeaks is looking for a new theme. As MCLeaks is a very community run forum, we want the community to vote on a theme.

Currently we don't have any themes lined up for a poll which is why this post is being made.

If you have any suggestions for a new theme, please link them below. Myself and SSenile will look over the suggestions and will upload the best ones to the site for everyone to use. We will then have a final vote of the new MCLeaks theme.

TLDR: Please link us themes you think will fit MCLeaks.
by Anon at 12:17 AM
(785 Views / 6 Likes)
Hi guys,

I know its been a while since MCLeaks has been updated. I quit for a while but now I'm back. Over the next week you'll see plenty of updates on MCLeaks. I've made a quick list of what you can expect to see over the next week.

  • Leaks updated
  • New theme
  • Server issues fixed + Uptime
  • Weekly updates
  • More donation perks
  • Donation issues fixed

If you guys have any suggestions of things you'd like to see, let me know now.

Ps: You can now post in Discord again.
by Anon at 9:26 PM
(1,164 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey all,

As you may have noticed the site has been going into maintenance a bunch recently. This was due to failed attempts at moving to a new server, we had some issues with DNS which prevented the transfer.

We have finally now fixed these errors and the site is now on the new server. You should see a much better load times depending on where you are in the world. Please let us know if you have any major load times, we will check out the issue.

During the downtime we also took the time to update some of our addons which should result in much better performance.

You may have also seen the new feature - Threads now live update.

There will be a full update coming shortly. Thats all for now.
by Anon at 7:57 PM
(1,293 Views / 8 Likes)

@SSenile , the co-founder of MCLeaks is now the full owner of MCLeaks.

He's been here since I took over back in Jul 2016.

I will be staying as a Co-Founder and will stick around, I'll most likely be helping update the site etc. However from now on the official owner of MCLeaks is @SSenile .

Important notice: Issues regarding donations, ranks, etc will need to be directed to me. If you have one of these issues, just PM me as normal. General issues should be reported to @SSenile

TLDR: I will be managing payment and advertisement related things and @SSenile will be managing the changes, announcements, the staff team and any of your PMs.

My reason: I'm leaving the Minecraft community and most of the Internet as a whole.
by Anon at 1:54 AM
(1,080 Views / 1 Likes)
We recently hit the huge milestone of 10,000...oh, wait.
We recently hit the huge milestone of 11,000 community members.

We've been growing rapidly the last few months, however today I'm here to discuss a few recent events.

1) My activity: I'm currently taking a "Break" from the internet. While I've still been active I haven't been performing things like updates etc. I'll be back responding to PMs and Administrating soon.

2) This post: Yes, I know it's late. Reason above ^.

3) Updates?: We will indeed be having a few big updates over the next few weeks. For the most part I'm going to keep the ideas a secret, though I'm sure the community will like them.

4): Credits: Right, credits. Anyone that made a request to withdraw them over the last 2-3 weeks wouldn't have a received a reply, mainly due to the #1 reason. At this time, I'm currently suspending all credit withdraw requests until the next update.

5): Minecraft server: It's coming.

MCLeaks is a rapidly...​
by Anon at 2:29 PM
(1,409 Views / 3 Likes)
Vote for the gamemode you wish to see above. Let's start getting this rolling.
by Anon at 6:03 PM
(1,099 Views / 5 Likes)

Just a small update this time and is as followed.

(+) Added a Christmas badge, you can claim this here.
(+) Animated Christmas name in the upgrades tab.

Just a quick notice, the main reason the animated name was added is because starting from next week we will be needing to pay full price for our servers again, last month alone the site had 1,593,630 requests, handling that amount of traffic is no easy task and requires somewhat powerful hardware which doesn't come too cheap, of course this is a donation however and not required.
by Anon at 1:30 AM
(1,227 Views / 7 Likes)
At last, the update is here.

Apologies for the wait, I've been very busy.

While the update logs might not be long, it took a long time with the amount of updates I had to do.

(+) Added more badges/trophies. These will be rolling out automatically to people over the next few days. (Suggestion by @Dad)
(+) Added archive section, all useless threads will go here rather than being deleted. (Suggestion by @Xe5)
(+) Added back resource of the week. These will be picked from the most number of downloads from that week.
(+) A whole new forum. (More info soon)
(+) A number of optimizations.
(+) @Dad promoted to Administrator (This was done a while ago, never got the chance to announce it)
(+) Added snow to the forums.
(+) Added Christmas theme. (Default theme on the 15th-24th)
(+) Credit shop.
(+) Donators can now have .GIF profile pictures. (Suggestion by @Java)
(+) Legacy theme for credits.

Okay, so let me explain a few...
by Anon at 2:06 PM
(1,571 Views / 3 Likes)

Community Announcement - 5000 Members!

We recently hit another huge milestone of 5000 community members.
This forum is growing rapidly, we've achieved over 1192+ members since the 3rd of November.

Since the start of MCLeaks there has been over 848 unique threads, 3797 replies, 5192 registrations and only 9 bans.

MCLeaks is one of the strongest communities I've seen on a leaking forum.

At this time we're less than 5000 members away from the original site made by Jango.

The "big update" I have been hinting at will be happening later tonight or tomorrow.
This update will be pretty big. We will also be having a huge giveaway which will include steam games. (More information in part 2)

Thanks for being apart of this huge milestone. #MCLeaks5k.​
by Anon at 4:33 PM
(1,289 Views / 4 Likes)

This will be the last update until 5k members. It's a very small update and is as followed:

(+) /paste has been added back. (Old dumps are also accessible).
(-) Halloween theme can no longer be selected by default users.
(+) Halloween theme can now be used by MVP users all year round.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Accounts section.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Clients section.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Servers section.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Builds/Maps section.