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by Anon at 2:29 PM
(310 Views / 3 Likes)
Vote for the gamemode you wish to see above. Let's start getting this rolling.
by Anon at 6:03 PM
(172 Views / 4 Likes)

Just a small update this time and is as followed.

(+) Added a Christmas badge, you can claim this here.
(+) Animated Christmas name in the upgrades tab.

Just a quick notice, the main reason the animated name was added is because starting from next week we will be needing to pay full price for our servers again, last month alone the site had 1,593,630 requests, handling that amount of traffic is no easy task and requires somewhat powerful hardware which doesn't come too cheap, of course this is a donation however and not required.
by Anon at 1:30 AM
(286 Views / 6 Likes)
At last, the update is here.

Apologies for the wait, I've been very busy.

While the update logs might not be long, it took a long time with the amount of updates I had to do.

(+) Added more badges/trophies. These will be rolling out automatically to people over the next few days. (Suggestion by @Dad)
(+) Added archive section, all useless threads will go here rather than being deleted. (Suggestion by @Xe5)
(+) Added back resource of the week. These will be picked from the most number of downloads from that week.
(+) A whole new forum. (More info soon)
(+) A number of optimizations.
(+) @Dad promoted to Administrator (This was done a while ago, never got the chance to announce it)
(+) Added snow to the forums.
(+) Added Christmas theme. (Default theme on the 15th-24th)
(+) Credit shop.
(+) Donators can now have .GIF profile pictures. (Suggestion by @Java)
(+) Legacy theme for credits.

Okay, so let me explain a few...
by Anon at 2:06 PM
(473 Views / 3 Likes)

Community Announcement - 5000 Members!

We recently hit another huge milestone of 5000 community members.
This forum is growing rapidly, we've achieved over 1192+ members since the 3rd of November.

Since the start of MCLeaks there has been over 848 unique threads, 3797 replies, 5192 registrations and only 9 bans.

MCLeaks is one of the strongest communities I've seen on a leaking forum.

At this time we're less than 5000 members away from the original site made by Jango.

The "big update" I have been hinting at will be happening later tonight or tomorrow.
This update will be pretty big. We will also be having a huge giveaway which will include steam games. (More information in part 2)

Thanks for being apart of this huge milestone. #MCLeaks5k.​
by Anon at 4:33 PM
(309 Views / 4 Likes)

This will be the last update until 5k members. It's a very small update and is as followed:

(+) /paste has been added back. (Old dumps are also accessible).
(-) Halloween theme can no longer be selected by default users.
(+) Halloween theme can now be used by MVP users all year round.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Accounts section.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Clients section.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Servers section.
(+) Added LEAK and REQUEST prefixes to Leak Central - Builds/Maps section.
by Anon at 2:13 PM
(355 Views / 3 Likes)

We will be performing maintenance on the 7th (This Monday) while we switch to a new provider. With this switch you should see a massive performance increase.

The maintenance should last 1-2 hours if all goes well.

This will be around 7PM BST.
by Anon at 1:58 PM
(440 Views / 18 Likes)

Community Announcement - 4000 Members!

It's actually 4,100 but who's counting.

We recently hit the huge milestone of 4000 members.
When taking over this forum back in July I never thought it would get this big, back then it only had around 300 members or so, with this, we must also say thanks to @jango for originally creating and starting this forum.

MCLeaks is really turning into a community without leachers, which is how it should be. In the time of this forum being created, there's only been 6 bans in total.

I really wasn't sure what to do for this huge milestone, so for a start I'm going to be giving a MVP rank away. To enter, simply like this post.

And before I end of this announcement, I'm looking to start pushing out so more updates, so If you have any suggestions I strongly suggest you post them in the suggestions forum.

by Anon at 4:41 PM
(527 Views / 0 Likes)

The second update of the week is now live and is as followed.

(+) You can now transfer credits.
(+) The MVP rank has been added. http://mcleaks.us/account/upgrades
(+) Name colors have been added. http://mcleaks.us/account/upgrades
(+) Dark theme almost complete for VIP+ ranks.
(+) Default users can now change their username, although, you can only do this once. http://mcleaks.us/account/change-username
(+) VIP Users can change their username once per month.
(+) MVP Users can change their username once per 15 days.
(+) Maximum message length has been removed. (Thanks @Nerd)
(+) Updated TOS.
(+) Added giveaway section.
by Anon at 2:53 PM
(543 Views / 6 Likes)

The new update is live, note that this update is still being worked on, thus, thing's may be added at a later date.

(+) Threads now auto update, replies are now shown instantly without having to refresh.
(+) Featured resources are back, you can see this weeks featured resource on the resource tab.
(+) Added Halloween theme. http://mcleaks.us/misc/style (Temporary | WIP)
(+) You can now click the logo to go back to the /forum page.
(+) The credit system has been added, you can find out below what they can be used for.

Credit Shop [To redeem, pm @Anon]:
  • - Sticky Thread (1 Week): 150 Credits
  • - VIP: 200 Credits
  • - Username Change (Once per month): 100 Credits
  • - Name Colors (Orange, Purple, Pink and Cyan) : 150 Credits
  • - (Prices may be changed at any time)
Credits are earned by:
  • - New thread ($1)
  • - New post ($0.30)
  • - New follower ($2.0)...
by Anon at 1:24 PM
(828 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey all,

As many of you have suggested, we are going to be making a MCLeaks server.

The question is, what do you want this server to be? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.​