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EpicSkyWars [Teams & Solo games] 3.4.0

Skywars game which include more opportuinities (guardians, chickens, tnts, enderpearls, map crumble)

  1. Slime YT
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    - the skywars game which include more entertainments and some intersting stuff. This plugin has guardians, custom tnts, map crumble, kits, custom enderpearls and much more! You can make Team or Solo games. This plugin tested with 16 players and could be used for unlimmited slots. Plugin works with 1.7-1.10 versions (these versions were tested with such plugin).

    You cannot run this plugin with other games (no multi-arena)!

    TEST SERVER: mc.godplay.lt

    • Fully automated
    • Support 1.7 - 1.10 clients!
    • Zero dependency!
    • Bungeecord mode
    • TEAMS: You can add teams as much as you want! Every team has X slots and specific prefixes. You can configure everything.
    • NEW: CHEST Voting: you may add any chest types as much as you need. So, players could choose which items they prefer to see in the chests! For example, you can create 3 types:
      • First type chests consist of common stuff such as stone swords, apples, wooden items and e.t.c..
      • Second type chests consist of only diamond or iron items such as diamond swords, armours.
      • Third type chests might consist of only eggs or snowballs.
      • And e.t.c... You can create your own chest type with prefered items! Every chest type will appear in the Voting Menu (GUI).
    • Chest refilling system.
    • Guardians: zombies will defend place where they were spawned (Guardians are configurable. You can add potion effect, armor, dropping items). Zombies will return to its location if they won't have a target or their distance between spawn location will be X blocks.
    • Map Crumble! After X seconds map will start crumble!
    • Custom TNT: players can get tnt in the middle of the map (you have to set position) and throw it anywhere. Also, tnt bounces blocks.
    • KITS (You can create your own):
      • Chicken Farmer - you will have personal chicken which will drop eggs every X seconds;
      • Mad Scientist - throw monster egg to your enemy and zombie will apper;
      • Miner - you will receive good mining tools;
      • Destructor - you will have special ender pearl which you can throw and destroy the map;
      • Arsonist - you will have special Blaze Powder which you can use to ignite nearby players (in 5 blocks radius)
      • Vampire - you will have +1 heart from each kill and +1 Attack Damage at the night;
      • Warrior - you will get Iron Sword with Health potion;
      • You can create your OWN ITEM KITS (no programming skills required) or even CUSTOM KITS WITH YOUR EFFECTS AND ABILITIES (programming skills required)
    • Every player will have personal chicken which after X seconds will drop egg for player. (Chicken follows player)
    • Smart Chest System: players in their floating islands will receive simple items (from config), but in the middle they could get good stuf (from config). Note: you shouldn't set good chests. They will be detected automatically!
    • Smart Restarts: set restart-mode to 2 and your server WILL NOT restart when game ends. All players will be teleported back to the lobby without kicking them!
    • Scoreboard will show: current players, main time, tnt time, crumble time, server's name, winners. (Server' name could be taken from your bungeecord config (optional)). You can customize scoreboard by your preferences in the scoreboard.yml file.
    • Map voting (Additional permissions: esw.vote.2 and esw.vote.3)
    • Custom EnderPearls: enderpearls will push you like double jump.
    • Spectators will have "Spectator Menu" where they can choose player to spectate
    • Reduced durabillity of Fishing Rod and Flind & Steel (configurable)
    • Snowballs, eggs are damagable.
    • Stats: points, kills, deaths, wins, games.
    • Separate spectators chat
    • Action bars!
    • Translation file. Everything is translatable.
    • API for developers
    • Vault support
    • UUID support
    • MySQL support (using fastest HikariCP library)
    • Firworks on finish!
    • Sounds/Effects
    • When server reaches the maximum players, waiting time will be reduced
    • VERY easy arena setup
    • VIP permissions:
      • esw.viproom - ensure player's place in the server
      • esw.doubepoints - double points
      • esw.triplepoints - triple points
    • And much more...


    Thanks to @LtJim007 who created this video!

    Main installation
    1. Upload EpicSkyWars.jar file into your plugins directory.
    2. Start your server.
    3. Join into your server and following steps to setup your first arena:
      1. Type /esw setlobby - it will create spawn location in the lobby
      2. Type /esw create <world_name> - it will teleport you to the world
      3. Type /esw setname <arena_name> - it will save your world to the config
      4. Type /esw setcenter - need for Map Crumble feature
      5. Type /esw setspecspawn - in this location will spawn spectators
      6. Type /esw setspawn - to create spawn locations for players
      7. Type /esw tntspawn - in this location will spawn tnt (suggest setting it on the map center)
      8. Type /esw setradius <number> - need for Map Crumble feature
      9. Type /esw spawnmob <Type> (Default: Defender) - it will spawn guardian
      10. Type /esw done - it will save your world and all configs
    4. Now you have installed map. When server loads arena will be chosen randomly
    5. Modify config if you need it. That's all
    Scoreboard Installation
    1. Change everything you need just in one file: scoreboard.yml
    2. Every stage has its own scoreboard. You may create different scoreboards for appropriate stage. For example, Lobby stage will have only players number and server name with remaining time in the title.
    3. Every stage has its own placeholders. Here is the list of available variables:
      1. Stage 0 (Lobby)
        1. %players% - shows current online;
        2. %server% - shows current server name;
        3. %time% - shows remaining time only in the title section;
      2. Stage 1 (Starting)
        1. %players% - shows current online;
        2. %server% - shows current server name;
        3. %teams% - shows current teams number;
      3. Stage 2 (Game)
        1. %players% - shows alive players number;
        2. %teams% - shows alive teams number;
        3. %server% - shows current server name;
        4. %gametime% - shows game time;
        5. %tntseconds% - shows remaining time to respawn TNT;
        6. %crumbletime% - shows remaining time to Map Crumble;
      4. Stage 3 (Restarting)
        1. %winners% - shows the winners' names. If you are using Teams, you have to add %winners% placeholders as much as one team could have players!
        2. %server% - shows current server name;
        3. %time% - shows remaining time only in the title section;
    4. IMPORTANT: Your every line must be UNIQUE. In other words, you can't have the exactly same lines. This notice is particulary intended for BLANK LINES. If you want make space between lines, you should make them different. Example from Stage 0:
      Code (Text):
      title: '&f&lStarting in &a%time%'
      - ' ' <--- THERE IS ONLY ONE SPACE
      - '&e&lPlayers: '
      - '%players%'
      - ' ' <--- THERE ARE TWO SPACES
      - '&b&lServer: '
      - '%server%'
    Teams Installation
    1. Open config.yml file and enable Teams:
    2. Run (restart) your server and join to it.
    3. To get Teams working, you should add at least one team.
    4. To add team follow this command:
      /esw addteam <unique_name> <displayname> <prefix> <item:id>
      • <unique_name> - this name will not be visible for players. This is just original name which is used to recognize team. It must be unique.
      • <displayname> - this name will see all players. It is prefered to be unique as in some cases it is used to get original team name.
      • <prefix> - this is team prefix which will see all players in the TAB LIST and in the players' nickname (live).
      • <item:id> - this is team item which is used only for GUI.
    5. That's it! Now restart your server and you will see GUI item in your inventory with added teams!

    We kindly recommend using OptimalTransfer plugin in your lobby servers to hook your all EpicSkyWars arenas.

    What is Optimal Transfer?
    Many servers often encounter problem: how to fill their servers correctly? Because now, they have this image, for lobby stages: first server has 5 players online of 16, the second has only 3 and the third has 8 players. What about to connect them to the one server, to make server full 16/16? Thus, players will be more happy and your machine will use less resources. The plugin OptimalTransfer solves this problem. Its algorithm finds the BEST server according to the online. Thus, it connects players to the ONLY most filled server! There is an picture which perfectly illustrates how this plugin work:


    Admin's commands:

    • /esw setlobby - set the main lobby [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw create <world_name> - it will teleport you to the world you wrote [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw setname <name> - set the arena's name [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw setspecspawn - set spectators' spawn point [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw setcenter - set the map center [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw setspawn (optional: #number) - set the spawn point for players [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw tntspawn - it will create tnt spawn location [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw setradius <number> - it will set map radius for Map Crumble feature [Permission: esw.admin]
    • /esw done - finish your configuration. Returns you back into your lobby
    • /esw edit <arena name>- teleports you to the world of the arena
    • /esw reload - reloads ALL configs
    Player's commands:

    • /list - shows the living and watching players
    • /stats - shows the player's information, stats [Permission: esw.stats]
    • /esw - shows plugin information
    • Extend scoreboard customization - add player placeholders, such as points, kills, kit etc...
    • Your ideas?
    • Open your server.properties file and change to spawn-protection=0
    • IMPORTANT: set in your bukkit.yml file autosave: 0
    • If you have some issues using this plugin - feel free to message me in skype: godplay.lt or PM.
    • DO NOT redistribute this plugin
    • Use this plugin on only one servers network
    • DO NOT edit plugin's code
    • Plugin does not belong to refund
    • If you have a ban on the SpigotMC, you will not be able to download this plugin or get a refund!
    My other plugins
    Copyright © 2015 GODPLAY. All rights reserved.

    I will be glad if you report bugs/errors in PM or Skype! Thank you for your reviews! I appreciate your opinion ![/SPOILER]

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