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Kingdoms + v13.0.5

A plugin like Factions, but with more options, more features, and more excitement!

    officially leaked by OhYeah55

    The plugin of empires and champions!
    Let your players battle for land, might and bonuses!

    Official Server for Kingdoms!

    Language Packs

    Kingdoms language file is english by default
    Italian[v12.6.0] by @TommyDas
    Spanish[v12.7.0] by @LUNATICOS
    PM me if you want to add your language file here!

    Here's an informative video by me, on some of the basic gameplay of the plugin

    Here's a video by WolfFireSword

    And here's more videos by others
    This video was done in v5.0 (1/10/2015) by Exemption

    This video was done in v5.0 (3/10/2015) By TheGamingCazz

    This video was done in v3 (14/6/2015) By TheGamingCazz


    Kingdoms is a plugin similar to the popular Factions plugin, but with many changes to the gameplay. It allows a player to create his own Kingdom, protect land with the kingdom, and invade other's land for resources (and for fun). Players can also trade in items for resourcepoints, to buy upgrades, turrets and boosts from their Kingdom's nexus block. What you want traded, and the amount traded is fully configurable and very flexible!

    Includes a (painstakingly made) idiot-proof guide for new players to learn how to use Kingdoms. Simply direct new players to do /k info, and all the info will be presented nicely to them. If you think it's not idiot-proof enough, feel free to suggest more ideas, or simply mention it, and I'll try my best to make it more idiot-proof


    Java 8 and above is needed
    GeneralLib is needed.
    Spigot or Bukkit 1.8.8++ is needed.
    >The download will give you Kingdoms.jar
    > Place the file in your server's plugin file.
    > Run the server to start kingdoms

    • BossShop Integration
    • Java 8 required for Kingdoms+ to run
    • Factions-like! Commands designed to suit your players, who are used to playing on Factions!
    • Auto backup system! Backups made when server shuts down, and can be automatically done every few hours
    • Noob guide! Simply tell them to do /k info, and it will teach them all the basics!
    • Messages Configuration! Configure core messages of Kingdoms! Color code support as well! (Full message editing 95% complete)
    • New land expiring! No more overcrowded worlds full of afk kingdoms!
    • Interactive GUI for Kings to manage Kingdom permissions!
    • Inter-Kingdom private chests! Simple to manage private chests to counter spies!
    • Economy! Config option to allow players to convert money into resourcepoints! (Requires Vault)
    • MySQL support! Use /k admin import from console to use this feature.
    • Console command to give a specific player's kingdom points, very useful for BuyCraft!
    • Donate to your allies!
    • Kingdom tag limit!
    • Kingdoms chat!
    • Full UUID support!
    • Smart Champion! Champion can now drag and prevent block building from its attackers!
    • Safezone Warzone to prevent players from claiming certain chunks!
    • Turrets and Mines! Owners and mods can buy turrets for their kingdoms!
    • Invasion notifications!
    • Players can do /k defend to counter enemy invasions!
    • Supports worldguard! Prevent players from claiming important parts of your regions and stop them from placing nexuses in your regions!
    • Supports java 8 and above!
    • Per world disable! Allow this only on worlds you desire!
    • More invading action than Factions! Players can claim large areas, and others can invade it even if the player is offline, allowing for more interesting experiences, and also an excuse to keep coming back!
    • Nexus GUI! Showing player resource points, upgrades, champion upgrades and so on!
    • A /k info! Players only need one sign telling them to do so, and they can see how to use Kingdoms on their own!

    Use this code to check if Kingdoms is loaded:
    Code (Text):
    private GameManagement kingdomsmanager;
    public void onEnable(){
    if(Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("Kingdoms") != null){
    kingdomsmanager = ((Kingdoms) Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("Kingdoms")).getManagers();
    } catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {
    Kingdoms.logInfo("Kingdoms: NoClassDefFoundError");
    } catch (Exception e){
    Kingdoms.logInfo("Kingdoms: Exception");
    Now that you have the kingdomsmanager instance, you can get Kingdoms misc methods like opening Kingdoms GUIs.

    KingdomPlayer manipulation
    To get a player's Kingdoms related information, you need to use KingdomPlayer. Through this way, you can get an onlineplayer's KingdomPlayer:
    Code (Text):
    KingdomPlayer kp = kingdomsmanager.getPlayerManager().getSession(user);
    To get an offline player's kingdom info, use this:
    Code (Text):
    OfflineKingdomPlayer offlinekingdomplayer = kingdomsmanager.getPlayerManager().getOfflineKingdomPlayer(player);
    OfflineKingdomPlayer has lesser methods than KingdomPlayer.
    You can check if an OfflineKingdomPlayer is online by checking this boolean. Once this returns true, you can get KingdomPlayer like this:
    Code (Text):
    if(offlinekingdomplayer.isOnline()) KingdomPlayer kingdomplayer = offlinekingdomplayer.getKingdomPlayer();
    You can now get the Kingdom of the specified player. (For Offlineplayer, you can only get the kingdom's name)
    Getting a Kingdom from its name
    Code (Text):
    Kingdom kingdom = kingdomsmanager.getKingdomManager().getOrLoadKingdom(kingdomname);
    • KingdomCreateEvent (Called when a kingdom is created)
    • KingdomDeleteEvent (Called when a kingdom is deleted)
    • KingdomMemberJoinEvent (Called when someone joins a kingdom through any mean)
    • KingdomMemberLeaveEvent (Called when someone leaves a kingdom through any mean)
    • KingdomPlayerLostEvent (Called when a player loses to a champion)
    • KingdomPlayerWonEvent (Called when a player wins a champion)
    • KingdomResourcePointChangeEvent (Called when a kingdom's RP count decreases or increases)
    • KingdomUnloadEvent (Called when all members leave, and the kingdom stays undisturbed)
    • LandLoadEvent (Startup event, called when land from file is loaded into the game)
    • PlayerChunkChangeEvent (Called when a player walks from chunk to chunk)

    Custom additions in Kingdoms GUIs
    This doesn't have an official API, so you'd need a hacky method to add your item button to a Kingdoms GUI.
    The following example will add a button labelled "Foo" to the Nexus Menu.
    Code (Text):
    public void onNexusGuiOpen(InventoryOpenEvent event){
    if(!(event.getPlayer() instanceof Player)){
    if(event.getInventory().getName() != null){
    KingdomPlayer kp = kingdomsmanager.getPlayerManager().getSession((Player) event.getPlayer());

    String guiName = ChatColor.AQUA + kp.getKingdomName() + "'s nexus";

    ItemStack button = new ItemStack(Material.STONE);
    ItemMeta meta = button.getItemMeta();

    //This can be setItem, but make sure that you don't replace the original buttons unintentionally
    To make clicking Foo do something, simply add your own listener for it
    If there is a section you'd like me to add here, simply say so in the discussion or PM me, and I'll try to add it as soon as possible.

    • A mode activated by admins, through /k admin masswar [time in minutes]
    • Players can invade for free
    • Use mass war for server events! Let your players gain the motivation to begin your server's climax!


    Nexus GUI overview

    The Structure Shop sells placable structures like powercells and outposts


    Purchase powerful turrets from the turret shop!


    Misc Upgrades Overview


    Upgrade your Kingdom's champion to better defend your land!


    Flame turrets (Wither skull), and Arrow Turrets (Skeleton Skull) firing at a zombie. Healing stations are Zombie Skulls, while Psionic Turrets are Creeper Skulls


    Kingdoms Map preview

    /k top preview


    Examples of Kingdom chat:
    Chat format for normal Kingdom Members

    Chat format for Kingdom Mods

    Chat format for Kingdom Kings


    Private Signs system for Kingdoms
    Shift and place a sign on your chest to protect, and type the following:

    This is how it should look like

    You can even add users for the chest through an interactive GUI!
    Kingdoms private chests are a way to counter spies. The Kingdom King can, by default, open all chests. If the land where the private signs are, is unclaimed, the chests will no longer be private.

    ActionBarAPI integration to bring more user-friendly features!

    TitlebarAPI integration to bring more user-friendly features!

    ScoreboardStats Help

    To add Kingdoms values to ScoreboardStats:
    • %rp% is the amount of resourcepoints in a player's kingdom
    • %membercount% is the total members in a player's kingdom
    • %memberonlinecount% is the total online members in a player's kingdom.
    • %land% is the total amount of land a kingdom has

    Dynmap Integration! Map which marks kingdom's land with their own unique colors, and displays kingdom information!

    Giving resourcepoints to a player's kingdom through buycraft
    • Let buycraft run this command:
      k admin rpforplayer {name} [amt you want to give]
    • Example: k admin rpforplayer {name} 5000

    for Placeholder API:
    The plugin will add these placeholders to Placeholder API:
    %kingdoms_kingdom% shows a player's kingdom
    %kingdoms_haskingdom% shows if player has kingdom or not
    %kingdoms_rp% Shows a player's kingdom's resourcepoints
    %kingdoms_land% Shows a player's kingdom's land count
    %kingdoms_onlinemembers% Shows a player's kingdom's online members count
    %kingdoms_members% Shows a player's kingdom's total member count
    %kingdoms_king% Shows a player's kingdom's king
    %kingdoms_rank% Shows a player's kingdom rank icon

    for MVdWPlaceholderAPI:
    The plugin will add these placeholders to MVdWPlaceholderAPI:
    {kingdom} shows a player's kingdom
    {rp} Shows a player's kingdom's resourcepoints
    {land} Shows a player's kingdom's land count
    {onlinemembers} Shows a player's kingdom's online members count
    {members} Shows a player's kingdom's total member count
    {king} Shows a player's kingdom's king
    {rank} Shows a player's kingdom rank icon

    Just a tip: If you feel that it is too easy to get upgrades, raise the value of "items-needed-for-one-resource-point" in the config. It will raise the difficulty of obtaining resource points.


    Adding vault will enable you to use economy in Kingdoms. It allows the usage of /k deposit (Can be disabled in config, by setting economy.enabled to false.)

    You can earn resourcepoints by using your money in kingdoms.


    Here is the information of the existent turrets in Kingdoms.

    Arrow Turret

    A turret that fires at moderate speed. Shoots normal arrows, dealing moderate damage. Strong against moderately armored single targets

    Flame Turret

    A turret that fires rapidly. Shoots arrows that set targets on fire, but deal lesser damage. Strong against lightly armored, moderate amounts of targets.

    Healing Station

    Heals surrounding kingdom members periodically. Stacks with each other. Doesn't attack.

    Psionic Totem

    Damages all surrounding non-ally players with powerful Psionic strikes. Severely slows targets, while dealing 3 hearts of damage that ignores armor. Cannot damage players with 4 hearts or less, but will still apply severe slow. Does not attack non-players. Very strong in delaying players and disorientating them. Works very well with other turrets. Can hit through walls for a nasty surprise.

    Hellfire Turret

    A powerful rapidfire turret that fires dual charged arrows at long range. The highly improved version of the Arrow turret, with two times the damage and attack speed, and a longer range. Strong against moderate numbers of targets with heavy armor

    Soldier Spawner

    A mythical turret that can summon undead to defend your territory. Periodically summons zombie soldiers on targets. Can summon through walls. Does not target non-players. Very strong against targets with poor weapons.

    Heatbeam Turret

    A turret that sports a colorful beam to constantly fry your enemies. Can hit multiple enemies with one hit, though can only aim at one enemy at a time. Does constant damage to targets in range. Hits all enemies in between it's target. Strong against moderately armored players and mobs, and if targets stays in range, strong against heavily armored players and mobs.

    It's basically kingdoms.[command] for the player command and kingdoms.admin.[command] for the admin commands.
    • kingdoms.player (Allows a player to use all the commands below except the bolded commands.)
    • kingdoms.create (Allows a player to create a kingdom.)
    • kingdoms.nexus (Allows a player to place a nexus)
    • kingdoms.info (Allows a player to use /k info)
    • kingdoms.tradable (Allows a player to use /k tradable)
    • kingdoms.claim (Allows a player to claim land)
    • kingdoms.unclaim (Allows a player to unclaim land)
    • kingdoms.show (Allows player to use /k show)
    • kingdoms.join (Allows player to use /k join)
    • kingdoms.leave (Allows player to leave kingdoms)
    • kingdoms.invite (Allows player to invite players)
    • kingdoms.accept (Allows a player to accept invites)
    • kingdoms.decline (Allows a player to decline invites)
    • kingdoms.kick (Allows player to kick members)
    • kingdoms.sethome (Allows player to set kingdom home)
    • kingdoms.mod (Allows player to use /k mod)
    • kingdoms.chat (Allows player to use kingdoms chat)
    • kingdoms.king (Allows player to pass on leadership)
    • kingdoms.home (Allows player to use /k home)
    • kingdoms.ally (Allows player to flag another kingdom as an ally)
    • kingdoms.enemy (Allows player to flag another kingdom as an enemy)
    • kingdoms.neutral (Allows player to flag another kingdom as neutral)
    • kingdoms.invade (Allows player to invade others)
    • kingdoms.defend (Allows players to use /k defend)
    • kingdoms.disband (Allows players to disband their kingdom)
    • kingdoms.top (Allows players to use /k top)
    • kingdoms.deposit (Allows players to deposit money)
    • kingdoms.donate (Allows players to donate resourcepoints to another kingdom)
    • kingdoms.map (Allows access to /k map)
    • kingdoms.admin (Allows access to all kingdom admin commands)
    • kingdoms.admin.help (Allows player to display admin help)
    • kingdoms.admin.toggle
    • kingdoms.admin.safezone
    • kingdoms.admin.disband
    • kingdoms.admin.safezone
    • kingdoms.admin.warzone
    • kingdoms.admin.clear
    • kingdoms.admin.rp
    • kingdoms.admin.rpforplayer
    • kingdoms.admin.seenexus
    • kingdoms.admin.masswar (Applies to both /k admin masswar and /k admin forceendmasswar)
    • kingdoms.protectedchestbypass (Allows the user to access all protected chests)

    Non-bolded: Player commands
    Bolded: Admin commands

    • /k (Shows all commands)
    • /k nexus (Allows you to replace a block in your land with your nexus. )
    • /k info (Shows how Kingdoms works)
    • /k join [kingdom] (Use to join another Kingdom. Must be invited.)
    • /k create [kingdom] (Use to create a kingdom with the name.) kingdoms.create
    • /k claim (Use to claim land where you are standing. Costs 5 resource points, and awards 5 might)
    • /k unclaim (Use to unclaim one of your lands. Refund 5 resource points, but deducts 5 might)
    • /k invade (Use when standing on land that doesn't belong to your kingdom. Spends 10 resource points to challenge their kingdom's champion. If you win, you gain that land and 5 might)
    • /k show [kingdom] (Shows censored information on a particular kingdom. Doesn't show their allies and enemies)
    • /k show (Shows your own information. Shows allies and enemies)
    • /k king [player] (Passes leadership of your Kingdom to another, turning you into a mod, and that player into a King)
    • /k mod [player] (Mods a player in your Kingdom)
    • /k demote [player] (Unmods a mod in your Kingdom)
    • /k kick [player] (Forcefully remove a player from your kingdom)
    • /k invite [player] (Invites a player to your kingdom)
    • /k accept (Accepts an invitation)
    • /k decline (Declines an invitation)
    • /k sethome (Sets kingdom home)
    • /k home (Goes to kingdom home if it is still valid, not claimed etc)
    • /k leave (Leaves your current kingdom)
    • /k ally [kingdom/playername] (Allies another kingdom)
    • /k enemy [kingdom/playername] (Enemies another kingdom)
    • /k neutral [kingdom/playername] (Neutralizes all kingdom relations)
    • /k map [on/off] (Shows surrounding territory) permission: kingdoms.map
    • /k donate [kingdom] [amount] (Donates an amount to another kingdom)
    • /k chat [k,a,p] (Change chat settings)
    • /k tradable (Shows items that can and cannot be traded for resourcepoints)
    • /k top (Shows top 10 richest kingdoms in terms of resourcepoints)
    • /k admin (Shows admin commands)
    • /k admin toggle (Toggles admin mode, allowing you to destroy, place and attack players anywhere)
    • /k admin safezone (Claims a safezone patch)
    • /k admin warzone (Claims a warzone patch)
    • /k admin clear(Forcefully unclaim a non-nexus piece if land)
    • /k admin rp [kingdom] [amount] (Adds/subtracts the amount from a kingdom. Negative amount to subtract, positive amount to add.)
    • /k admin masswar [time in minutes] (Starts a Mass War for the time specified.)
    • /k admin forcestopmasswar (Forces an ongoing mass war to stop)
    • /k admin seenexus [kingdom] (Opens the specified kingdom's Nexus Chest)
    • /k admin backup (Creates a backup of the current kingdoms database files)
    • /k admin import <mysql/file>


    Code (Text):
    #General settings
    Enable: true
    #Let the plugin enable itself
    Debug: false
    #Debug mode: Turn on debugging messages. Only for developer use.
    Lang: eng
    #The lang file to use
    serverName: yourServer
    #Server name. Not really used.
    minutes-per-backup: 43200
    #How long between the times Kingdoms backs up the files
    allow-pacifist: false
    #Pacifism is basically allowing a kingdom to be uninvadable, provided that the kingdom doesn't invade something else
    #SQL settings.
    Enabled: false
    DBAddr: localhost
    DBName: somedb
    DBUser: root
    DBPassword: '1234'
    #As stated above. Don't touch.
    grabPlayerFromFileDB: false
    grabLandFromFileDB: false
    grabKingdomsFromFileDB: false
    grabConquestMapsFromFileDB: false
    #Worlds where Kingdoms can function in
    - world
    no-region-claim: true
    #Are players allowed to claim in worldguard regions?
    warzone-free-pvp: false
    #Are players in warzone free to pvp, regardless of kingdoms?
    kingdom-expiry-days: 999
    #Days before a kingdom is deleted for inactivity
    #Commands that cannot be used in neutral kingdom territory
    - /example
    - /example1
    #Commands that cannot be used in enemy kingdom territory
    - /sethome
    - /essentials:sethome
    - /derpcommand with any arguments
    disableFlowIntoLand: true
    #Disable lava/water flowing into other land
    showLandEnterMessage: true
    #Display land entering message
    nexusMiningAmount: 20
    #The amount of RP stolen when you mine a nexus
    enable-private-chests: true
    #Enabled protected chests
    explosion-immune: true
    #Are protected chests immune to explosions?
    useWorldguardSupport: true
    useTitleAPISupport: false
    useActionBarAPISupport: true
    useScoreboardStatsSupport: true
    usePlaceHolderAPISupport: true
    useMVdWPlaceHolderAPISupport: true
    useDynmapSupport: true
    useHolographicSupport: true
    protectNeutralLandFromExplosions: false
    #Stuff for other plugin support

    #Check https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FBlTikBQYmkmThKsvKWv5DxAjmkdOjrKu0tQv-3SbWA/edit
    enabled: false
    max-supply-for-one-land: 100
    per-turret: 30
    wall: 50
    spawner: 50
    time-in-minutes-to-apply-rewards-and-upkeep: 60
    turret: 100
    wall: 200
    spawner: 100
    perland: 1
    percapital: 200
    empty-land: 100
    enemy-land: 100
    enemy-capital-land: 500
    empty-capital: 500
    canAttackCapitalInFullyOccupiedLand: false
    attack-cooldown-in-minutes: 30
    thor-delay: 5.0
    #The delay in seconds between each time Thor strikes
    #Vault support
    enabled: false
    money-needed-for-one-rp: 10
    #Amount of money to trade for 1 RP
    markers-on-by-default: true
    #If land markers are on when a player joins
    items-needed-for-one-resource-point: 5
    #Amount of items needed to trade for one resource point
    claim-cost: 5
    #Cost to claim land
    invade-cost: 10
    #Cost to attempt an invasion on another land
    #Extractor stuff
    reward-delay-in-minutes: 1440
    reward-amount: 100
    #Amount of Extractor RP reward
    minimum-members-online-to-be-invaded: 0
    #Min. number of members that need to be online in defending kingdom to be invaded
    land-per-member: 5
    #How much land can a kingdom claim for each member they have?
    maximum-land-claims: 0
    #What is the maximum amount of land a kingdom can have? Set to 0 for infinite
    #Blocks that cannot be replaced by structures and nexus
    - CHEST
    #Items that you can right click with in other kingdoms land. You still cannot interact with storage blocks even if you're holding one of these.
    - POTION
    #Costs of various Kingdoms stuff in RP
    dmg-reduc: 70
    regen-boost: 70
    dmg-boost: 70
    arrow-boost: 100
    maxmembers: 10
    anticreeper: 20
    antitrample: 50
    bombshards: 1000
    glory: 200
    nexusguard: 100
    psioniccore: 500
    health: 1
    speed: 20
    resist: 10
    weapon: 10
    duel: 100
    drag: 30
    mock: 10
    thor: 300
    damagecap: 300
    plow: 600
    strength: 500
    armor: 300
    reinforcements: 800
    mimic: 600
    focus: 700
    determination: 5
    xpbottle: 5
    powercell: 250
    outpost: 250
    extractor: 1000
    warppad: 5000
    arrowturret: 100
    nexustower: 300
    flameturret: 150
    pressuremine: 2
    chemicalmine: 1
    healingstation: 100
    psionictotem: 250
    soldierspawner: 500
    hellfireturret: 300
    heatbeamturret: 200
    simplified-model: 1000
    flurry: 1000
    concentrated-blast: 1000
    virulent-plague: 1000
    improved-healing: 1000
    voodoo: 3000
    final-service: 3000
    hellstorm: 5000
    unrelenting-gaze: 5000
    #Maximum level of various Kingdoms upgrades
    dmg-reduc: 75
    regen-boost: 200
    dmg-boost: 80
    arrow-boost: 100
    maxmembers: 30
    health: 2048
    determination: 2048
    speed: 5
    resist: 100
    weapon: 10
    duel: 1
    drag: 1
    mock: 6
    thor: 10
    damagecap: 1
    plow: 1
    strength: 50
    armor: 5
    reinforcements: 2
    mimic: 1
    focus: 1
    destroy-extra-turrets-to-enforce-max: false
    #Destroy extra turrets in land to stick to the maximum values?
    #The max number of the specified turret per land
    arrowturret: 1000
    flameturret: 1000
    pressuremine: 1000
    chemicalmine: 1000
    healingstation: 1000
    psionictotem: 1000
    soldierspawner: 1000
    hellfireturret: 1000
    heatbeamturret: 1000
    #Turret upgrades
    simplified-model: true
    flurry: true
    concentrated-blast: true
    virulent-plague: true
    improved-healing: true
    voodoo: true
    final-service: true
    hellstorm: true
    unrelenting-gaze: true
    #Enabled/disable various Kingdoms upgrades and purchaseables
    dmgreduc: true
    regenboost: true
    dmgboost: true
    arrowboost: true
    protect-storage-blocks: true
    antitrample: true
    protect-storage-blocks: true
    glory: true
    nexusguard: true
    psioniccore: true
    speed: true
    resist: true
    weapon: true
    duel: true
    drag: true
    mock: true
    thor: true
    damagecap: true
    plow: true
    strength: true
    armor: true
    reinforcements: true
    mimic: true
    focus: true
    determination: false
    powercell: true
    outpost: true
    extractor: true
    warppad: true
    arrow: true
    flameturret: true
    pressuremine: true
    chemicalmine: true
    healingtower: true
    psionictotem: true
    soldierspawner: true
    hellfire: true
    heatbeam: true
    no-building-in-unoccupied-land: false
    #If this is enabled, you need to claim land in order to build in it.
    use-whitelist: false
    #RP trading options. If you use whitelist, only the items specified in whitelist can be traded in.
    resource-point-trade-blacklist: []
    #Items that CANNOT be traded
    whitelist-items: []
    #Whitelist. Needs "use-whitelist" enabled to be used. Use the format: [ITEM],[ITEM VALUE] or [ITEM]:[DATA],[ITEM VALUE]
    #Items that give more RP than usual. Use the format: [ITEM],[ITEM VALUE] or [ITEM]:[DATA],[ITEM VALUE]
    - IRON_INGOT,30
    - GOLD_INGOT,20
    - EMERALD,50
    - DIAMOND,50
    #Do note that warzone and safezone are not supported because you can use worldguard, and it's much easier to manage.
    #What can you interact with in safezone?
    - ANVIL
    #What can you interact with in warzone?
    - ANVIL
    khome-delay: 3
    #Delay before teleporting, when using /k home
    invite_expire_delay: 10
    #Time in seconds before an invite expires
    useKingdomPrefixes: true
    #Use Kingdom Prefixes in chat?
    #Gamemodes which can access the Nexus

    Q: When I add color codes to my language file, some words disappear. Is there a way to solve this?
    A: Yes. Quote the language setting that you want to color, eg:
    Code (Text):
    - "&bWhat is Kingdoms?"
    instead of
    Code (Text):
    - &bWhat is Kingdoms?
    Q: Can you make it so that people must be in a radius of [x] blocks to the nexus before invading it?
    A: Then people can build a thick block layer of [x] blocks around it, and cause balance issues. You won't want that won't you?


    Black (Will be added/Never ends)
    Red (Highly suggested, but may not add)
    Purple (Will add if time permits)
    Blue (Planned/Designed, but may not add)
    • 100% message editing (95%)
    • More config options
    • More turrets
    • Invader upgrades
    • More misc upgrades
    • Schematic implementation
    • Mob army
    • + A lot more...