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(CONFIG) ShopGui+ All 1.12 Items (Premade Config) 1.6

A ShopGui+ 1.12 Items Configuration

  1. OhYeah55
    [​IMG]This is a complete shops.yml and config.yml config for the ShopsGui+ Plugin. It contains almost all the items from 1.12. All of the prices are well balanced, and if they are not to your liking you can easily change them in the configuration file. This config also includes most of the default spawners and spawn eggs to start you out with, just remember you need to have the Silkspawners plugin or another Spawners plugin to be able to buy spawners in your shop! The config.yml has a nice setup for the items, and is more navigable when it comes to shopping.
    To install this simply:

    1 Navigate to your plugins folder.

    2 Find your Shopgui+ plugin folder.

    3 Drag the shops.yml file and the config.yml file, into your shopgui+ plugin folder and replace the old default shops.yml and config.yml with these two.

    4 Restart your server and voila!
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  1. BrayaanPS
    Version: 1.6
    Thanks :3